Reposm Charity Launch

Reposm — A new Charity in the making

The Reposm proposal is based on an existing successful housing model in the world of music and arts. Michael Soper is the voluntary Chairman of Cyril Wood Memorial Trust, which provides sheltered housing for retired artists, musicians, authors, and craftspersons. It has 24 self-contained flats where residents can live alongside other retired neighbours from the Arts world, whilst continuing to follow their career passions and interests thanks to shared studio spaces and a large communal lounge (complete with a grand piano).

The concept of Cyril Wood was conceived and founded in 1975 by people from all areas of the Arts, including Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Joyce Grenfell, J.B.Priestley, John Le Carre, Lord Goodman, Viscount Cranborne and Victor Bonham-Carter.

Cyril Wood is managed by its Corporate Trustee, the charity East Boro Housing Trust, of which Michael is also a voluntary Board Member. East Boro’s expertise ensures that the buildings are maintained, tenants are supported, and the many laws and regulations are complied with.

The musicians’ Performing Rights Society Benevolent Fund is a major supporter of the Cyril Wood Memorial Trust, providing finance for the Trust’s expansion and modernisation, and in return it nominates some of the potential residents for the scheme from amongst the musicians who they support.

This is the actual operating example that has inspired Michael to make the Reposm proposal.